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Moving Connections Moves To Every State In The Western United States

Western States Moving Service Areas

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For us, a long-distance move is when one end of your move (origin or destination) is along the Wasatch Front (or within 100 miles of SLC) and the other end is within roughly 1,200 miles of SLC. This range covers all of the Western States, the Great Plain States and part of Texas. So, if you are moving from Draper to Seattle, Bountiful to San Diego, Fargo to Ogden or Dallas to Provo, we are your movers. (Below is the list of States to which we provide service. The map on the left gives a rough idea of the approximate coverage.)

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If you are moving outside of the west or mid-west states, see our POD moving service


Obviously, pricing for long-distance moves cannot be the same as for local moves. However, for moves that are totally within Utah, like moving from Payson to Cedar City, we have the flexibility to come very close. On the other hand, moves across state lines are regulated by the federal government. Anyone who has filed both federal and state income tax understands the relative complexity of federal versus state regulations. These complexities and other considerations make it difficult to explain in a simple fashion how our pricing works. So, to understand our long-distance tariff (pricing, conditions, etc.), we give you an estimate between any two locations within our service area. Click Here to get a free moving estimate. Please understand that these are estimates only, based on the information you provide. To give you an actual quote, we or our agents must personally inspect all of the belongings you wish us to transport for you.


Our pricing is $99/hour* for 2 professional movers, a full-sized moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, tools, & stretch wrap.

Our pricing is $85/hour* for 2 professional movers and dollies.

    * 4 hours min.

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Inter-state moving is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. As a licensed mover, we will inspect the items you would like to have moved before making a binding offer. Online estimates for moves are not valid for interstate moves. Call (801) 532-6683 or toll free (888) 580-7447 to make an appointment for the estimate.

If you are moving out of state, but are renting your own truck (like a U-Haul truck), we can assist you in packing it, so that the load will not shift during the trip. If you are moving to the Wasatch Front, we can help you unload your rental truck, assemble furniture and hook up appliances for just $85/hour for 2 professional movers and dollies.

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Individual moving supplies, moving supplies in convenient, pre-arranged kits, and moving equipment. Take a look at the possibilities.