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How to Move a Hot Tub

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Our professional movers are happy to move your hot tub at no extra charge. Many companies charge a hot tub or "bulky item" fee, but we don't. As always, the cost of your move will simply be the number of hours it takes multiplied by the hourly rate. NO hidden fees. NO extra charges.

If you have a hot tub, make sure to tell your moving company about it. Hot tubs can be a hefty "hidden cost";. If you don't have a moving company, then get ready to do the heavy lifting yourself. Well, yourself and two others, and the following: a dolly, two 2x4s, some rope/bungee cords.

Because of their weight, size, and price-tag, hot tubs are one of the more difficult things to move. However, if you have some helping hands (preferably 3-4 people, though it's possible with 2), then you can handle it quite easily.

  1. Drain the hot tub, obviously
  2. Separate removable parts - like the heater, pumps and plugs. Wrap and box the more fragile parts.
  3. Place 2x4s - put them parallel to each other just next to the hot tup. Space them just lest than the height of the hot tub. So, if the hot tub is 3 ft, space the 2x4s about 2.5 ft apart.
  4. Tip the tub - put it on its side so that its side is resting on the 2x4s.
  5. Switch dolly for 2x4s - either slide the dolly under the 2x4s (if possible), or slide the hot tub off the 2x4s onto the dolly.
  6. Strap - tie the hot tub to the dolly.
  7. Wheel - carefully wheel the dolly to where you need to go. If you need to get the hot tub into a moving truck, make sure there is a ramp available.

Our pricing is $95/hour* for 2 professional movers, a full-sized moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, tools, & stretch wrap.

Our pricing is $80/hour* for 2 professional movers and dollies.

    * 3 hours min.

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Inter-state moving is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. As a licensed mover, we will inspect the items you would like to have moved before making a binding offer. Online estimates for moves are not valid for interstate moves. Call (801) 532-6683 or toll free (888) 580-7447 to make an appointment for the estimate.

If you are moving out of state, but are renting your own truck (like a U-Haul truck), we can assist you in packing it, so that the load will not shift during the trip. If you are moving to the Wasatch Front, we can help you unload your rental truck, assemble furniture and hook up appliances for just $80/hour for 2 professional movers and dollies.

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