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4-5 Room Moving Kit

All Moving Supplies

Feel free to change the quantities of any of the items in the kit.

Deliver to your door
Pick up in store(our address)

Free delivery on orders $50 and up ($25.00 delivery fee otherwise)

Small Box$1.70$0.00
Medium Box$2.35$0.00
Large Box $2.56$0.00
Extra Large Box$3.25$0.00
Paper Tape (30 yd. roll)$3.00$0.00
Small Bubble Wrap$15.00$0.00
Markers and Utility Knife$2.79$0.00
9 lbs Wrapping Paper$8.80$0.00
Cushion Foam$4.95$0.00
Clear Tape (110 yd. roll)$2.85$0.00
2 Pack Tape w/Dispenser$5.95$0.00
Shorty Wardrobe Box$7.95$0.00
10 lbs Wrapping Paper$8.80$0.00
Grand Wardrobe Box$11.95$0.00
20 lbs Wrapping Paper$20.00$0.00
30 lbs Wrapping Paper$30.00$0.00
Large Bubble$19.95$0.00
Dish Barrel Box$5.45$0.00
Cell Kit $7.50$0.00
Four Piece Picture/Mirror Box $7.95$0.00
Small Picture/Mirror Box$4.25$0.00
Large Picture/Mirror Box$6.45$0.00
Glass Pack Kit$10.20$0.00
Dish Saver Kit$10.20$0.00
Quilted Furniture Pad$14.95$0.00
Furniture Pad$7.95$0.00
Twin Mattress Bag$2.95$0.00
Full Mattress Bag$3.50$0.00
Queen Mattress Bag$3.95$0.00
King Mattress Bag$7.50$0.00
Chair Cover$3.95$0.00
Twin Mattress Bag Set$11.95$0.00
Full Mattress Bag Set$13.95$0.00
Queen Mattress Bag Set$15.95$0.00
King Mattress Bag Set$17.95$0.00
Dust Cover$4.95$0.00
Forearm Forklift Moving Straps$24.95$0.00
Eight-Way Bungee Cord$4.25$0.00
Tie-Down Nylon Rope$3.00$0.00
Tie-Down Twine Rope$2.50$0.00
Medium Vacuum-Seal Space Bag$7.00$0.00
Extra Large Vacuum-Seal Space Bag$9.00$0.00
Moving Box Label$2.95$0.00
12" x 1000' Stretch Wrap with Handle $5.75$0.00
18" x 1500' Stretch Wrap$18.00$0.00
Moving Blankets - Quilted Furniture Pad$11.95$0.00
Hardwood Dolly$45.00$0.00
Wood Platform Truck$209.00$0.00
Moving Gloves$9.50$0.00


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Our pricing is $149/hour* for 2 professional movers, a full-sized moving truck, moving blankets, dollies, tools, & stretch wrap.

Our pricing is $110/hour* for 2 professional movers and dollies.

    * 4 hours min.

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Inter-state moving is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. As a licensed mover, we will inspect the items you would like to have moved before making a binding offer. Online estimates for moves are not valid for interstate moves. Call (801) 532-6683 or toll free (888) 580-7447 to make an appointment for the estimate.

If you are moving out of state, but are renting your own truck (like a U-Haul truck), we can assist you in packing it, so that the load will not shift during the trip. If you are moving to the Wasatch Front, we can help you unload your rental truck, assemble furniture and hook up appliances for just $110/hour for 2 professional movers and dollies.

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Individual moving supplies, moving supplies in convenient, pre-arranged kits, and moving equipment. Take a look at the possibilities.